10 Reasons to Join Our Summer Training Series

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This summer we’re offering free training sessions! They are perfect for church or CU members who want to learn more about engaging with international students and sharing faith cross-culturally.

There are 6 sessions, you can join as many of them as you like:

  • Friday 18th June: Why culture and world view matter when sharing the gospel.
  • Saturday 26th June: How to make our churches and CU’s ‘International ready’.
  • Friday 2nd July: How to reach students from a Far East Asian background.
  • Saturday 10th July: How to reach students from a Hindu background.
  • Friday 16th July: How to reach European students.
  • Saturday 24th July: Preparing and leading seeker Bible study groups.

10 Reasons to Join the Training:

  1. Learn about the fundamentals of culture and world-view. Both shape the way we view and interact with the world.
  2.  Hear from excellent and experienced speakers. Each speaker has worked with international students for many years and will bring personal experience into each session.
  3. Be equipped in how to run cross-cultural Bible studies. Sharing the message of the Bible with people from around the world is a challenge, these sessions will help.
  4.  Learn how to share your faith. We will look at reaching students from a Far East Asian background.
  5. Understand those from a Hindu background. We will have a dedicated session on this.
  6. Grow in your understanding of students from a post-modern European background.
  7. Help your church or CU be ‘international ready’. Be equipped well for the new term.
  8. Meet with like-minded individuals. You will have the chance to chat with others who are also interested in cross-cultural evangelism. 
  9. Give to others. We want to learn from you too – share your own experiences. 
  10. Grow in your faith! When you hear from others and stories of God’s work, you will be encouraged.

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