Arriving in the UK? Let’s not panic!

Hey you, my friend…  Arriving in the UK?  Let´s not panic!

I am here to give you some insight from my own experiences of the UK. I remember very well the moment when this little naïve girl came to Scotland. Your English will be fluent after a month! Well, the Scottish accent is a bit different – madness! Little did I know that this roller coaster was just about to start.

Don´t get me wrong, moving abroad as an international student will give you so many surprises and most of them will bring awesome adventures and opportunities to grow into the person you ought to be. However, like everything in life, some will give you a headache.

One of my major lessons so far? "let´s meet at eight" actually means be there at eight. I know, mind-blowing. Realising that ‘I thought you meant Peruvian time’ is not really a valid excuse here in the UK. But enough about me, let´s get down to business!

You’ve just arrived, and going out anywhere seems like a scary challenge. Technology is going to be your friend when trying to investigate the streets!

Translator app, Google maps, Trainline app and of course, why not the ”Friends International App” -to tell you all the fun events that are happening in your city; will be your best bunch of apps you need to survive! Google maps and the Trainline app are your best ally to travel on public transport -from giving you all the train timetables to showing you accurately which bus stop you need to get off (Google maps).

Of course, all of these are pointless if your phone is out of charge (me thousands of times…) – believe me, always charge your phone before leaving and bring a charger with you everywhere.

Another big piece of advice is to carry some pocket money for your bus transport! At least in Scotland, most buses will ask you for the exact amount of money in cash before to travel, so make sure you have cash always on you.

When trying to find out all the events happening around your city, it is so useful to have Facebook to search for the different groups and societies you would like to hear from. Friends international offer a lot (A LOT) of different opportunities for you to practice English, know more about the culture, make new friends and have fun! One of the events offered and my super favourite is ” International Cafe” which is just amazing to make new friends and ask all the possible questions you have about the UK.

I know I know… a lot to take in at once, but I hope this helps to keep you right. You will soon gain so much knowledge on how to be successful in the UK that you will be able to help others that you find on your way. Getting used to your new life will take a while, but I can assure you that you will get there! A lot of patience and the most important thing: Don’t be afraid to ask. Here we are to help you with any of your questions, you are not alone!

So welcome to the UK – The adventure is just about to start!

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