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Opportunity – June-August 2021

Contents includes: Face-to-face again, join our team, and Sophie's gift.
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Opportunity – March-May 2021

Contents includes: Easter resource for churches and our new book.
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Insight (Issue 23 – Winter 2020/21)

The Importance of Difficult Conversations. Contributors include: Bethany Marsh, Francina de Pater, Anneriet Boonen and Jenny Brown.
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Opportunity – Dec 2020-Feb 2021

Contents includes: Local centre vision and growth in 2020.
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Opportunity – Sep-Nov 2020

Contents includes: Just Say Hello Day and our Impact Report 2020.
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Insight (Issue 22 – Summer 2020)

Fresh Approaches to Scripture Engagment​. Contributors include: Peter Dray (UCCF), Liz Jeggo (OMF), Kah Foon Gillespie (FI), and Fiona Barbard (FI).
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Opportunity – Jun-Aug 2020

Contents includes: Moving the ministry online, international students in lockdown and Word Alive 2020.
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Opportunity – Mar-May 2020

Contents includes: Introducing our Vision for Growth and our new Directors.
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