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Opportunity – June-August 2022

Contents include: Hard-to-reach appeal, Word Alive 2022, and trip to Cornwall.
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Opportunity – March – May 2022

Contents include: FI Vision 2022, Romanian Immigration, and more.
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Opportunity – December 2021-February 2022

Contents include: Support Through Mental Health Crisis, Christmas Hospitality and more.
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Opportunity – September-November 2021

Contents includes: Mental wellbeing challenges students face, annual impact survey and financial summary.
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Insight (Issue 24 – Summer 2021)

Citizens of Two Kingdoms. Contributors include: Sue Burt, Liz Middleton, Penny Wang and Tim Stanyon.
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Opportunity – June-August 2021

Contents includes: Face-to-face again, join our team, and Sophie's gift.
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Opportunity – March-May 2021

Contents includes: Easter resource for churches and our new book.
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