How should I use my summer? Ideas for International Students.

As a student, I know perfectly well how it is when you have a wave of inspiration… just in the middle of your exam season.

You should be studying, but suddenly, all these fantastic ideas come into your head. (I wonder if that is your brain telling you to take a break.) And like many summers before, once you have finished your exams, you forget all those exciting plans and move on with your life.

I decided this year that that is not going to happen. Nah, this year I am going to make it happen! And I want to encourage you to start that little idea, that project, that sport or ability that you wanted to learn.

These are the 5 things I want to do this summer and, hopefully, this can be a little inspiration for you too:

  1. Master more of the English language. Now, you might be going home for the summer but I know how you might have wanted to focus more on your English ability during your last academic year/semester. I’ve been there, and I want to use this summer to master it. From reading books and articles that you really like to, why not, write a blog in English!

  2. Learn to draw and paint. Recently, I went to the beach and collected a few stones which I painted later with aquarelles. That was my first time doing that and, to be honest, it was such an incredible stress-relief! I think it would be so effective during uni to dedicate some time to some kind of craft; from painting to doing hand-lettering… wherever your imagination takes you.

  3. Research career paths. It is never too soon to really dig into where your degree can take you. I have recently discovered my passion for the relationship between food and health by dedicating real time to researching about it! I discovered that I want to do a Masters in Dietetics! From reading all about it on Prospects to watching videos from people already qualified. All of that inspired me this summer to work on how to reach that goal and prepare better for it. Now is the time to research all of that before uni starts again!

  4. Learn how to play an instrument. I love music but my music abilities are a bit off. I have decided after trying a few instruments for the last couple of years that I want to give the guitar a try. Music, as I said with painting, is such a stress-relief and I think it would be very useful to gain some knowledge now and then use that for exam period when my brain feels like a break!

  5. Healthy and easy cooking! And I don´t mean that can of tuna with microwave-defrosted sweetcorn (yeah, I know that perfectly well). As an international student I am always talking about my home country’s recipes but unable to make most of them. I found myself wasting more time trying to decide what to cook from my really short list of things I actually know how to cook. I have decided that this summer I am going to learn and memorise how to do easy, healthy and tasty recipes for my next year, so I can cook like a pro during university time! 

There you have it! This is my list of things to do this summer. Hopefully, I managed to sprinkle you with a bit of inspiration. Put all those ideas to work and have a great summer!

There’s nothing to lose, quite the opposite. You never know what can happen when you let your dreams become ideas and your ideas actual projects. Start today!

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