IFES Mission Gathering In Hungary

A Celebration Of ISM Across Europe!

During the 5th – 8th April, Friends International staff joined IFES Europe alongside Transformation Leeds from the UK and other missionary partners to celebrate, study and network for all things International Student Ministry.

Transformation Leeds writes of their experience, which we love!:


“So great to gather with @ifeseurope and @friendsintl this weekend for fellowship and training as International Student Ministry leaders across Europe.

We were inspired from 2 Timothy thinking about being strong and rooted in Christ, growing in perseverance and strength through suffering and being commissioned out to continue serving. 

We were inspired by the joy and resilience other movements shared, including meeting people where they were working in countries with less than 500 Christians, or continuing working whilst living in war zones. 

Please pray for International Student Ministry across the world as together we have the opportunity to share Jesus with open curious individuals who go on to transform their nations…”

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