“Let’s navigate life as international students together!”

Hi, my name is Alessandra and I am the new blogger for Friends International

You and I are going to spend an awesome year together, sharing experiences and some laughs as international students – but first, I thought we could start by getting to know each other more.

I was born in Peru – ‘the land of the Potatoes’, which explains my obsession with them. I moved to Spain with my family when I was eight years old. Ten years later, my father did something quite amazing, I mean, hugely amazing… he found a job in the land of haggis & tatties and men in kilts.

This had been my dream since I was 14 years old: to study abroad for a degree in English. So, Scotland finally became my home.

I am now a third-year university student at Strathclyde University, in Glasgow. My major is in Biomedical Science and my heart is divided regarding my future career. Do I go into research and fight against cancer or become a biology teacher who inspires a thousand kids to do the former?

First, it is useful for you to know that I don’t really write with a sense of embarrassment but quite the opposite. I find beauty in being vulnerable and being able to laugh at myself. So, let’s be ready to laugh about ourselves and read some "oops!" stories.

However, I am also the kind of girl who would look at the crowd inside a room, wait outside for a few moments, breathe deeply and then go into the room. What does all this tell you about me? Well, just get ready for many fun stories about making friends as a foreigner, my socially awkward blessing in disguise and the challenges that come with being bilingual and trying to be myself.

Being a foreigner has been a real adventure so far – from taking part in a huge drama production only a week after I arrived, to finding the most special people from all around the world – particularly my special friend, Alastair. Uni life has been so fascinating and although my degree is not quite what I expected at first, I have big ambitions for this upcoming academic year!

I would love to really fall in love with my major and get to be one of the most hard-working in my class. Emotionally and socially, I am so excited to make new friends and grow existing friendships! As a new member of the committee in the Christian Union, it would be great to see the whole group becoming more united and welcoming every single new student that comes to our university.

Yep, so many exciting things and challenges to come – but hey, we don’t have to do this alone. Take my hand and let’s navigate life as international students together!

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My new friend, until next time.


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