Life Leadership Weekend Away


January Webinars

This year, instead of our weekend away, we are offering a series of webinars in January 6-8th. Attend at least 5 of our webinars to qualify for the Life Leadership Bronze Certificate. For a single payment of £30, you can attend as many of our webinars as you would like:


Webinar options

Belbin Team Roles Workshop (Douglas Humphris) – 3 hrs
Wednesday 6th January, 2pm-5pm
Discover your teamwork strengths and weaknesses and learn how to maximize your potential in any team that you are part of.
This is the official 3-hour Belbin® Workshop at which you will receive your Belbin Individual Report, expert advice on how to describe yourself in a job application, and how to work effectively with others.
Living Well (Dave Burke) – 60mins
Thursday 7th January, 10.30am-11.30am
What does it mean to be healthy in body, mind and soul? Learn simple and important habits that will help us live well today and in the future.
Cultural Intelligence (Wynelle Cowdery) – 90mins
Thursday 7th January, 2pm-3.30pm
Learning to work effectively across cultural contexts and why this is vital if you want to thrive in today’s world.
Personal Management (Sebastien Bonicel) – 60mins
Thursday 7th January, 4.30pm-5.30pm
Discover valuable and foundational principles of personal time management and personal budgeting. Learning to use these resources efficiently now will help you to manage yourself in future leadership positions.
Aiming for Excellence (Wynelle Cowdery) – 90mins
Friday 8th January, 10.30am-12pm
Nobody is perfect, but it’s good to aim for excellence. What does this really mean and how might we achieve excellence in our lives?
Ethics (Dr Paul Cowdery) – 60mins
Friday 8th January, 2pm-3pm
What is ethics and why is it important to anyone who wants to lead by example?
Leadership and Faith (Lenny Konschewitz) – 60mins
Friday 8th January, 4.30pm-5.30pm
What is faith and how do the things we place our faith in impact our leadership ability?


We plan to return to our annual weekend away in January 2022 – details below:

Our Life Leadership Weekend Away is a fantastic opportunity to develop practical leadership skills through a combination of teaching and group exercises that are fun and insightful.

Our coaching team will help you make the most of the teaching. You will be encouraged, inspired and challenged to grow with confidence and vision.

While our Weekend Away compliments and builds upon our Life Leadership Short Course, you can also attend the Weekend Away without completing our short course. The topics are accessible, and relevant for all.

At our weekend away, we cover the following topics:


  • Explore the connection between your beliefs and values and your vision for your life
  • Develop a personal growth plan

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Discover the power of emotional balance
  • Develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

  • An introduction to functioning effectively across cultural contexts.
  • Learn why this is vital for leaders who want to thrive in today’s world.


What “ethics” is, and why is it important to anyone who wants to lead by example.

Presentation Skills

  • Learn key tips on presenting to an audience, regardless of its size, in a clear and engaging way.
  • Learn presentation skills that turn “scary” to “fun” and give you the confidence to make your point.

The conference I attended was incredibly practical, highly engaging and truly inspiring. It left a positive mark in my leadership ability and I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn with people from diverse and dynamic backgrounds. Life Leadership will surely prepare a student today for the multicultural workplace tomorrow.
- Dr Chim Okecha



  • Team challenges & Fun Activities
  • Presentations from the speaker team.
  • Time to reflect on the teaching with your life group.


  • Indoor & Outdoor team building activities
  • Afternoon tea and biscuits
  • Free time
  • Presentations from the speaker team.


  • Team Activities
  • A few surprises!
  • Prepare to discover, connect and thrive as you become a better leader.

Play…grow…discover with your group!

Your Life Group – usually about six people – will grow together as you work as a team, share ideas, experiences and feelings, encourage one another and discover new possibilities. And oh, did we say there will be fun?!

  • Explore deep ideas with others Your Life Group coaches are students / scholars just like you. They understand the challenges of life as students and the concerns that lie ahead. They have been trained to lead sensitively, respectfully, and with love and discernment. You will have the opportunity to hear how others in the group have been shaped and to shared those things that have shaped you.
  • Work as a team and try something new You’re all in this together, whatever the challenge! Some activities will be easy for you; others will be harder!! All will teach you new ways of looking at the world, cooperating with others and understanding yourself.
  • Develop lasting friendships. You are bound to strengthen existing friendships and make new ones, as you share many unique experiences with others! The Life Leadership Weekend Away will be one you remember for a long time.