Now that you have been an international student…

“Now that I´ve worn out the world, I´m on my knees in fascination” 

I´ve decided that if I had to become a song I’d probably be this one. The lyrics of this song inspired me so much to write this little piece and I would like to share it with you, my friend. Please listen to the song before or while you read this (it will change your reading experience, I promise ;)).  

Now that I´ve been an international student for over three years, I just can hardly imagine the person I would be without this experience. Whether you stay one semester or for three years, you don´t go back home the same.

Here I´ll remind you of all the gems you are taking home with you, now that you´ve been an international student.

1. You know how it feels.

Becoming an international student gives you a wider perspective on how to welcome people, how to offer someone new a place in your world. You know how difficult it is to make friends when you don´t “own” the language, and all the cultural references just go over your head. You know this, now that you have been an international student.

2. You´ve seen the world.

Okay, maybe not “The world” but a new part of the world. Not only visited but you´ve let yourself soak into this new culture and its people. You understand the riches of another culture, now that you´ve been an international student.

3. You brought a whole new world with you.

Yes, you did. When? The moment you arrived in the UK, you brought the fragrance and wonders of your home country to people that might have never had the chance to travel that far. You brought it for them, in every conversation, now that you´ve been an international student.

4. Your new little family.

I don´t know where I would be without my incredible friends, definitely not the person I am today. Friends from every part of the world, and from my new home: Scotland. Being an international student gives you a huge variety of perspectives and wisdom from all the parts of the world. Embrace that and stay in touch, now that you´ve been an international student.

 5. “I´m on my knees in fascination (grateful)”.

Writing this little piece really brings me so much joy in my heart and I can´t help but thank God: Thanks for your colorful planet, full of different cultures. Thanks for the goodness in this world, the world you created. Thank you for allowing me to see what happens when people are united, welcoming and loving one another despite the differences. Sorry for all the mess, the hate and the brokenness we have caused , but thank you for sending Jesus into the world and for picking up all our broken pieces.

Thank you, Jesus. I´ve seen so much, now that I´ve been an international student.

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