Reach Programme

Reach is a cross-cultural discipleship and ministry training programme for recent graduates.

The Reach Programme is a unique one-year graduate programme that gives you the opportunity to befriend international students and seek to share faith in Jesus with them whilst working alongside Friends International. If you are passionate to make friends with those from different cultures, are an outgoing CU International Secretary, or simple want to develop your cross-cultural ministry skills and deepen your Christian conviction, values and character, then the Reach Programme is for you.

While based with a team in a city across the UK and Ireland you’ll have the opportunity to

  • Grow in your relationship with Christ
  • Discover your gifts and potential
  • And Enlarge your vision for God’s global mission.

Past Reach trainees have gone on to become Student Workers, Volunteers, Overseas Mission Workers, and pursued different careers in all kinds of fields as well as undertaken further study.

The Reach Programme has given graduates, passionate about Jesus Christ, the opportunity to participate in God’s global mission amongst international students for nearly 30 years.

My year as a Reach Trainee really brought a confidence and a depth to my faith..."

Matthew, Reach trainee

I have really enjoyed the cross-cultural training I've received throughout the year. I've also grown in my ability to host and serve international students practically..."

sunny, reach trainee

What does it involve?

This full-time programme is custom built around you and the opportunities in your centre – together with your staff mentor and the Reach Coordinator you will design your Personal Reach Plan, appropriate for where you are now and suitable for preparing you to be a life-long ambassador for Jesus Christ.

Who is it for?

  1. Those who love Jesus and want to introduce international students to Him!
  2. Graduates typically aged 21-30 years
  3. Fluent English speakers

Start date: 1st September 2024

Cost: There is a cost associated with the programme, and this year that is £995, or the Euro equivalent in Ireland. This covers the expense of accommodation at conferences, training, set books & resources. You will also need to cover living expenses. All Reach trainees are supported in raising the costs associated with their work.

Deadlines: It helps both you and us to plan ahead, so we encourage you to contact us earlier rather than later, even if it is simply to explore the possibility. If you are in a centre with a Friends International staff worker, why not start a conversation with them today?

We are now accepting applications for the 2024-25 academic year.

Contact: Reach Programme Co-ordinator Luke Hammond: [email protected]

Reach will equip, develop and train you as you reach out to the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. The impact of this programme will last far beyond the year..."

NAY DAWSON, Regional Training Co-ordinator, IFES Europe

I love Friends International’s vision to encourage cross-cultural discipleship. We in the UK have so much to learn from Christians from other cultures and I believe we also have much to offer in return..."

KRISH KANDIAH, author and Founder of Home for Good