ID Course (Leaders’ Notes)


ID Course (Leaders’ Notes)

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Bible discussions for international students who want to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

A 10-session series of discussions aimed at discipling international students in the Christian faith with particular emphasis on relating to their home culture. Topics covered include decision making, relating to parents, relationships and religious customs.

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Published: 2015
Publisher: Friends International
Pages: 37 (paperback)

Identity is important to all of us. When we become Christians and start to follow Jesus we gain a new identity. If you started to follow Jesus in a country other than your own, what will it mean for you to live as a Christian when you return home? This series of Bible Studies is written to help internationals, who become Christians in the UK, begin to think through some of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

The ID Course covers the following over 10 sessions:

  • • Who am I? — My identity in Christ
  • • Forgiveness — I am forgiven and forgiving
  • • Guidance — How do I make decisions?
  • • Family Life — How should I relate to my parents?
  • • Relationships — Questions about marriage and singleness
  • • Church — I belong to a new community
  • • Culture and Religion — Religious customs concerning death and the after-life in my country
  • • How I use my Time — Understanding Biblical principles of work and rest
  • • Money and Possessions —How should I use my money?
  • • You shall be my Witnesses — How can I tell others about Jesus?