Returning Home?


Returning Home?


Preparing for life back home after studying abroad.

This workbook helps international students prepare for their return home after studying abroad. It is a streamlined version of Think Home, meaning that it is accessible to the widest possible audience, as it can be used by returning students from any religion or background.

‘Returning Home?’ is not designed to be read from cover to cover in one sitting. It is a workbook that asks lots of questions for you to think about. It is best worked through with others so discussion can take place around the issues raised. It covers reasons for returning, re-entry stress and reverse-culture shock.

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Published: 2015
Publisher: Friends International (Adapted from “Think Home” by Lisa Espineli Chinn)
Pages: 48 (paperback)

“We all expect culture shock when we move to a new country, but for many students, returning home after a rich and stretching experience abroad can be just as much, if not more challenging. Returning Home? is full of practical advice and useful tips to prepare you for a successful re-entry. As a former international student myself, I heartily recommend this book.”
Ard Louis, Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford

“This booklet helps us to prepare for reverse-culture-shock and to make the most of our transitions. It probes us on a whole range of matters, from the practicalities of visas and packing, to the social realities of visual appearance and workplace culture, and the spiritual realities of retaining a sense of what is most important in life.”
Harriet Harris, Chaplain, University of Edinburgh

“A valuable resource book for mobile students and workers who face the challenges (as well as the benefits!) of a highly globalised education and employment market. This comprehensive guide asks exactly the right kind of stimulating and thought-provoking questions to help students prepare to return home after living abroad.” Lorna Carson, Director, Trinity Centre for Asian Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland “…the student quote at the bottom of each page really brings the topic to life. It could be easily used by individual students, but I’m excited about using some sections of Returning Home? as group discussion activities in our reorientation workshops.”
Caroline Earth, Transitions and Wellbeing Officer, Student Support Services, Bournemouth University