Think Home


Think Home

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A Reentry Guide for Christian International Students.

‘Think Home’ is designed primarily for Christian students, who are about to return home after spending time abroad. It will help students process faith changes that they have experienced  while abroad and will experience through their return home. It includes thought-provoking questions, Bible studies, comments from past returnees, and a list of additional resources.

This book was originally published by InterVarsity Press. It has been adapted by Friends International with the help of UCCF.

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Published: 2018
Publisher: Friends International (Adapted from “Think Home” by Lisa Espineli Chinn)
Pages: 78 (paperback)

From the back cover:

Returning home after study in the UK is a big adjustment. You will have changed a lot.

  • • How will you fit back into your culture?
  • • How will your friends and family react to the ways you have changed?
  • • What will it be like in the workplace?
  • • If you have become a Christian whilst in the UK how will you find like-minded Christians?
  • • How can you grow as a disciple and have an impact back home?
  • • Where will you look if you want to learn more about Jesus?

This book will help you think through the answers.


“All over the world I have friends I first met when they were studying abroad. Many of them found Christ as students in Britain. They are special people, whose faith has not grown cold. The key factor for them all was that they adjusted back well when they returned home, finding their place in society as committed Christians. Others have struggled, unprepared for the changes in themselves and in life back home. It pays to think through the issues in advance!”
Dick Dowsett, Cross-cultural evangelist and Bible expositor (OMF – retired)