Stories Of Celebration: Christmas

Two Stories Of Festive Promise

We are excited to share a collection of recent stories from our centres over the Christmas period. Not all centres are named to protect the identity of those being mentioned…
Helen and her team from Exeter mention: “At our Christmas evangelistic meal, we handed out copies of Uncover Mark. One non-C student from China had brought some of their friends along, and they were so glad to receive these they sat and made plans to read and discuss them together in their own time! We haven’t had a chance to follow up on this yet, but it was really encouraging to sit and listen to their excitement about this…
Another centre speaks of a great story over the Christmas period: “M was invited to celebrate their first British Christmas with a Globe Café volunteer while studying in the UK. Through the volunteer, they became friends with several other Christians, who invited her to church and Bible studies, though they never joined regularly and struggled to understand the language anyway…
M’s life as an international student became more and more difficult with one trial after another. But their Christian friends took them under their wings, going to great lengths to care for their practical needs. They went home burdened and deflated but touched by all the love and care they received.
This Christmas, they came back for a short visit, announcing that one of their purposes was to become a Christian. They invited Jesus to be their Saviour and Lord through prayer, and started to read God’s Word in their own language with a Christian friend. Many challenges await as they return home this time as a new disciple, but we trust that He who began a good work in them will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:6)

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