Success Stories: Coming To Faith

Returning Home Having Found Jesus

We are excited to share a recent story from our Canterbury centre, through our Centre Team Leader Baiba and her staff. This individual, Kit – shares how they came to faith and how their journey with FI supported their time in the UK…
“I was not a Christian when I came to the UK and have felt lonely. But one day, my classmate decided to take me to Global Cafe, an event run by Friends International. When I first stepped in, I was reluctant to accept the kindness as I was always afraid of people trying to change my religion. But the people in FI were lovely, they were really accommodating and accepting.
Slowly, I started to open up and join their events and was told about Jesus. At first, I didn’t care about Jesus. I just went to the event with the interest of making friends. But soon, many issues slowly happened in my life, and I was depressed and started to isolate myself. However, the people working at Friends International did not give up on me; they kept encouraging and helping me through all the difficult situations.
I was so thankful to them and amazed by how supportive and kind they are; this got me thinking about why people in Friend International are so different, and I started gaining interest in the Christian religion.
The Friends International workers were good at telling me about Jesus and answering my questions. Slowly but surely, I began to know Jesus, and since then, I have become a Christian. I am grateful to God for being able to participate in this event and to know so many good brothers and sisters who have supported me through my time in the UK…”

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