Summer Teams

Join one of our Summer Teams

Do you want to offer international students friendship, English language practice and the chance to talk about Jesus Christ? Then join a Summer Team!

Many of our teams are a combined effort, often in partnership with UCCF, IFES and local church ministries to international students. Below are a list of this summer’s teams. To apply, choose your summer team location and click the team’s apply button.

If the location doesn’t have an apply button, then use the ‘Request a Summer Teams Application’ button below and you will be sent an application.

Team members have to be aged 18 or over and have a desire to share the Christian faith with others.

I have told all my friends about what I did during the Summer Team and how fun it was to be able to share the gospel with people of different cultures and beliefs."

Sally, UK

Canterbury International Summer Outreach (CISO)

The aim of the outreach is to train Christians in how to reach out to international students from different faith backgrounds, studying English in Canterbury during the summer. There will be training each day alongside opportunities to play afternoon sports together and invite international students to evening café style events with an optional Bible study for those interested.

During the weekend we will enjoy local coastal city walks, and take students to a local church for a guest service.

For more info please email [email protected]

Cambridge International Outreach (CIO)

The aim of the outreach is to build genuine friendships with international students and sensitively offer them the chance to hear about the Christian faith. The team runs Andy’s Café each evening, where there are activities and an optional Bible study for those interested. Various activities (from volleyball to museum visits) take place in the afternoons, and mornings are for team training on a whole range of cross-cultural issues and Bible study.

For more info please visit the Cambridge Outreach Website or email [email protected]

Belfast Summer International Outreach (BSIO)

In Belfast during the summer there are thousands of postgraduates, but also hundreds of new students attending pre-sessional language programmes.  We are excited about the new possibilities to offer international students genuine friendship, English language practice and the chance to share about Jesus Christ in an international café context. Team members will also receive training on a whole range of cross-cultural issues, daily Bible study, and practical ministry experience.

Closing dates for applications: 30th April. For further information, please email [email protected]

Bournemouth International Outreach (BIO)

 Bournemouth is a vibrant town with international students from ‘every tribe, tongue and nation’, many rarely reached nations, wanting to connect with locals and open to hear about the gospel.

Being part of the team means you will receive morning cross cultural trainings, meet with students in the afternoon and in the evening (the heart of our ministry) with an optional Bible sudy for those who wish to know about about our faith. Join us and serve faithfully with an established, ongoing ministry.
For further information and to apply please email Antoine Thenin: [email protected]

Dublin International Outreach (DIO)

Every year students from across the world flock to Dublin to learn English in one of the many language schools in the city. They are hungry for friendship. Many don’t know Jesus. DIO is the opportunity to welcome these students with gospel love for two weeks in the heart of Dublin city centre while receiving cross–cultural training. DIO is run by our partner CUI.

Closing date 30th April 2024. For further information, please email [email protected]

Manchester International Outreach (MIO)

Each summer, hundreds of international students arrive in the vibrant city of Manchester to prepare for their studies and to enjoy the city! This is an amazing opportunity to welcome and befriend them in the name of Jesus as well as to introduce them to him. Join our team and get the opportunity for cross-cultural ministry training and practical ministry through meeting students at afternoon activities, evening cafés and Bible studies.

For further information, please email [email protected]

Oxford International Outreach (OIO)

As part of the team at Oxford International Outreach you will have the chance to receive in-depth cross-cultural training, as well as putting this into practice by sensitively offering the good news about Jesus to international students.

The team will run various activities in the afternoons, and each evening will run Café 360, where an optional bible study will be offered to those who are interested.

For further information, please email [email protected]