Summer Teams

Join one of our Summer Teams

Do you want to offer international students friendship, English language practice and the chance to talk about Jesus Christ? Then join a Summer Team!

Many of our teams are a combined effort, often in partnership with UCCF, IFES and local church ministries to international students. Below are a list of this summer’s teams. To apply, choose your summer team location and click the team’s apply button.

If the location doesn’t have an apply button, then use the ‘Request a Summer Teams Application’ button below and you will be sent an application.

Team members have to be aged 18 or over and have a desire to share the Christian faith with others.

I have told all my friends about what I did during the Summer Team and how fun it was to be able to share the gospel with people of different cultures and beliefs."

Sally, UK

Cambridge International Outreach (CIO)

The aim of the outreach is to build genuine friendships with international students and sensitively offer them the chance to hear about the Christian faith. The team runs Andy’s Café each evening, where there are activities and an optional Bible study for those interested. Various activities (from volleyball to museum visits) take place in the afternoons, and mornings are for team training on a whole range of cross-cultural issues and Bible study.

For more info please visit the Cambridge Outreach Website or email [email protected].

Bournemouth International Outreach (BIO)

We are co-leading this year with United Beach Mission (UBM), and they are taking the bookings.

For further information please email Antoine at [email protected].

Dublin International Outreach (DIO)

DIO is an opportunity to serve alongside the local church in the heart of Dublin city. Be a part of a diverse mission team with a heart for international students, service and reaching the nations, all while receiving theological and practical training in sharing the Christian message cross–culturally.

For further information, please email [email protected].