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Hospitality: A Shining Light at Christmas

In the middle of winter, when it is dark and cold, you don’t want to be far away from your friends and family. Yet, many international students who are here from distant lands are not able to return home, and therefore spend Christmas in their student accommodation, often alone. What if Christians opened their doors over the festive period and started welcoming in these students? This is the invitation we’re offering through our hosting scheme and we would love for you to be involved.

What a Student has said: 

As an international student, who was new to the UK, I felt a deep sense of isolation. Before Christmas, my isolation increased as a lot of my colleagues and friends went overseas to spend Christmas with their families. At that time, I was blessed to know a local Christian family, who invited me to join them at Christmas. It was a great opportunity for me to meet more people and to learn about how the British celebrate and spend their time at Christmas.”  – Student from Syria

What a Host has said: 

Last Christmas we hosted two Chinese students from Southampton University. As a family we took them out walking in the New Forest before Christmas dinner and we played party games with them in the evening. They were great fun and fitted in very well. One of them wrote afterwards that it was the best Christmas she had had in her life!” – A Friends International Host in Southampton

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Either speak to your local Friends International staff worker for more information or complete our Host Registration form:

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