Philip Project Online Learning Platform

Understanding and Sharing God's Word

Are you a Christian international student or a graduate? Are you wanting to grow in knowing what the Bible means and how to share what you learn with others? If so, the Philip Project is for you. 

The Philip Project is a training programme that aims to help Christian international students and graduates to both understand and share God’s Word. Additionally, it seeks to develop both the skills and character to enable others to grasp the Bible’s message – wherever the student goes.

It is best experienced as part of an in-person group across the academic year. See the centres which are offering courses at 

If you are unable to join one of these courses, then we encourage you to sign up for one of our online courses. 

Introducing the Philip Project online learning platform:


  • Delivers the content of Philip Project courses through training videos and downloadable materials.
  • Enables you to grow in learning and discipleship alongside a facilitator or mentor.
  • Allows you to access Philip Project training anywhere and anytime.

Available courses:

  1. A full Philip Project course, divided into a series of 9 ‘days’ of three sessions each:
    • Understanding the Bible story
    • Understanding the Bible genres
    • Principles of Bible interpretation
    • Sharing the Bible
    • Understanding World Views

2. Six mini-courses (taken from the full course):

    1. Understanding the Story of the Bible (5 sessions)
    2. Understanding the Bible – Basics: New Testament (3 sessions: Principles of Bible interpretation; Gospels; Letters)
    3. Understanding the Bible – Basics: Old Testament (3 sessions: Principles of Bible interpretation; OT Narrative; OT Wisdom)
    4. Understanding the Bible – complete course (9 sessions: Basics plus OT Law, OT Prophecy, Acts & Revelation)
    5. Sharing the Bible (4 sessions on preparing Bible studies/talks)
    6. Understanding Worldviews (4 sessions: introduction, Chinese, Islamic & Indigenous worldviews)

To join one of our online courses:

  1. Go to and open a free account.
  2. Look through the list of courses that we have available.
  3. Once you have selected a course, you will need to register and pay for it (£5 for short courses, £25 for the full course).
  4. You will also need to have a mentor or facilitator. This person should be
    1. a Friends International staff worker, affiliate or someone that a local Friends International staff worker approves of for this role.
    2. Someone that you can meet in-person regularly or, if necessary, meet online. You will need to be able to meet at a time, place and frequency with which you are both happy.
    3. prepared to watch the training videos in your course and be ready to help you engage with the material when you meet together.

Once you have approached your mentor and they are happy to be involved, then you are able to access the course that you have chosen. 

If you have any questions, contact the Philip Project Coordinator, Geoff Low, at [email protected]