Celebrating Reach

"They have persevered and been open to learn through their experiences.”

Despite starting the Friends International, year-long, Reach Programme last September, our 12 trainee’s have only just met each other in person!

Jenny Brown, the Reach Programme Coordinator, said: “It was wonderful to all meet for the first time at the end of June on the Reach Retreat. It was great to see each other outside our little 2D squares! It was a time to reflect on the year and on God’s word, to chat and walk and play, and to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’”.

Despite not able to physically gather throughout the year, it has been a huge blessing that they were still able to build friendship, share life and faith through online communication.

We celebrate and thank God for our Reach Trainee’s, who have adapted to the tumultuous circumstances of national lockdowns in the UK, which were particularly challenging. If there’s one thing that can be said about the current cohort, it is that they have persevered and been open to learn through their experiences.

“What’s next after Reach?” is a question that they are all processing: some will return home, some have a job, some are becoming staff with Friends International, and some are going on to further study! Their growth over the last year has been very rewarding, they have all learnt new skills and have experienced God’s sustaining. Please pray for them as they continue with their next steps.

The Reach Programme is a cross-cultural discipleship and ministry training programme for recent graduates, and we are currently preparing for our new cohort to arrive in September! 

We’re looking forward to welcoming our new Reach Trainee’s, who will be arriving from 7 different countries, and will be based across 11 locations!

Find out more about the Reach Programme here!

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