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A Rise In International Student Numbers Does Not Deny UK Students A Place At University - A Media Discussion / Rebutle

This morning you may have heard an interesting discussion On BBC Radio 4 More Or Less, regarding the claim that International students were pushing UK students out of university places. The notion was was rightly challenged. It makes for an interesting listen and can be found here (you will need a free BBC Sounds account to listen) – Approx. 10mins 10 seconds in:

Alan Tower, National Director, recently responded to the same misconception from a national newspaper. In a press release he wrote:

Research carried out by the Centre for Migration Control [CMC] for the Daily Telegraph[1], estimated that the numbers of international students coming to study in the UK for 2022/23 academic year, has reached an all-time high of 787,000, an increase of 28% on the previous year. Robert Bates, Director of Research at CMC said this influx of additional international students was causing additional stress to the NHS, social services, housing and local authorities services.

Alan Tower, National Director of Friends International, responded; “It is highly contentious to say UK students are being ‘squeezed’ from taking up university places and sets a dangerous precedent. Universities rely on the fees international students bring to provide core services for all students, including those from the UK.”

Tower continued, “Research shows that only one in five international students receives any form of government benefit and the majority of international students rely on personal funding or parental support to fund their studies. International students are already facing enormous pressure from the cost of living crisis and being separated from friends and family. This statement hints of xenophobia and anti-migration rhetoric, and will only add to the mental health pandemic which is affects so many of this generation.”

Tower concluded, “We know the coming months will be especially hard for international students, and by offering them friendship, faith and practical support Friends International’s teams will hope to bring the spirit of Christmas to international students across the UK and Ireland.”


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