Conference 2020 Highlights

In early January 2020, over 160 of us gathered to celebrate, to share and to learn.

The annual Friends International Conference this year focussed on Bible handling skills, both for ministry to students and when discipling them. We were incredibly blessed to have a number of excellent contributors who were able to unpack Biblical principles and dissect the facts of international student life. We are particularly thankful to David Harley (OMF International), Peter Dray (UCCF) and Raymond Brown (Grace Church Brockley).

Alan Tower, National Director of Friends International was thrilled at how the weekend went: “The coming together of our staff, Affiliates, Reach Trainees, IFES guests as well as current students at CUs in the UK was a fantastic mix of energy and vision. This diverse group are so committed to loving international students in their various locations, that we were able to learn much from each other and enjoy learning together from our speakers.”

The conference will happen again next year, and we would love more people, who are active in ministry to international students, to be involved. All Affiliates get access to our conference as well as a host of other benefits. Find out more about our Affiliates Network here.

Thank you to all who attended and to those who were praying for the conference. It was a wonderful time, and we are grateful to God for all he has done and is doing amongst us.

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