Friends International Launches Book To Help International Students Answer Life’s Biggest Questions

International student questions answered

Answering International Student Questions

Friends International have today launched a new book to help international students answer life’s biggest questions.

Titled, ‘Is Christianity a Western religion? And other questions international students ask’, the book explores 20 of the most common subjects international students struggle to understand about a religion that is commonly seen as a western faith and irrelevant for other cultures.

Inspired by author, Peter Teagle’s experience over 20 years of talking to international students and hearing the questions they commonly ask, ‘Is Christianity a Western Religion’ explores key questions such as: Is it possible to be a Christian and stay faithful to my culture?, Does being a Christian mean I cannot honour my ancestors?, and Do Christians believe other gods exist?

The book also addresses the subject of Christian persecution which for many international students is a very real issue. Questions such as: What if my parents are against my interest in Christianity?, Will following Jesus mean that people will treat you badly?, and Can some kinds of religious devotion be dangerous? examine questions that international students from Asia, northern Africa or the Middle East will no doubt have to address as persecution against Christians increases in many countries[1].

Peter Teagle said, “Throughout the Covid pandemic there has been a spike in people interested in faith and with questions about Christianity, but we wanted to address this specifically through the eyes of international students. This book is for anyone seriously asking the questions about life, whether Christianity could possibly be true and could it possibly be relevant to them coming from their own culture”.

Wendy Kasenene, a PhD student at the Queen Mary University of London, said; “I very much recommend this excellent book which will be immensely helpful to any international student who is seeking the truth, as well as a useful resource for those seeking to share their faith cross-culturally.”

Peter Teagle is the Head of Events’ Speaking at Friends International. He has been with the organisation since 2001 and is based in Oxford. He has spent over 20 years working closely with international students, speaking at events and answering students’ questions. He is married to Lynette and they have three children.

‘Is Christianity a Western religion? And other questions international students ask’ is available from the Friends International website,

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