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October 18th is
‘Just Say Hello’ Day

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Saying “hello” can be the beginning of an incredible adventure of meeting new people and seeing lives changed. 

That’s why Friends International are inviting you and your church to be part of the ‘Just Say Hello’ Day – a day for stepping forward to welcome international students to the UK and Ireland, by supporting the work of Friends International. 

Although universities up and down the country are reeling from the impact of Covid-19, thousands of students are now arriving for the start of the new academic year and the support Friends International provides is needed more than ever. 

It is simple just to say “hello”, but it can make a huge difference to someone.

Free Download: Churches Resource Pack

To help your church or small group to ‘Just Say Hello’ we have created this useful downloadable resource pack. Download it for free now. Includes:


Support the work by giving a gift​


Become a host to international students


Pray for international student ministry

Support the Work of Friends International

International students come to the UK in there thousands, but they will only hear the Good News if churches and individuals are prepared to give and pray to the work.



We would like to ask you to make a gift, no matter what size, so that more international students will have the opportunity to meet Christians and encounter Christ.

Free Church Resource Pack

If October 18th doesn’t work for you or your church, just pick another date! This download can be used at any time.