Impact Report 2021

Ministry and Covid-19

Over the last 12 months, everything in some way has been impacted by the pandemic.

With our events going online for large parts of the year, it has meant we have had contact with fewer students compared to the previous academic year.

Despite this, we have still had contact with some 4,000 international students. We have had 500 join our Bible studies, and we thank God that we have seen 34 students make a faith commitment.

Exciting Growth

In line with our exciting vision, and to match the growth of international student numbers, we have also grown as an organisation. We now have more staff in more locations and our Affiliates Network has gone from 63 last year, to 80 Affiliates today – which is the most we have ever had!

We celebrate that over 400 international students have been hosted through local hosting programmes. This is a great achievement, as the Coronavirus had at one point stopped hosting entirely and has meant hosting in recent months has taken place outside or in a socially distanced setting.

Below you will see a summary of our ministry statistics which outline the impact we have had during the last 12 months.

Thank you for your support and prayers, which makes all this possible.

Jack Bentley, Communications Manager

Impact of the Work

Over the last 12 months

1 +

International students we’ve had contact with


International students who attended a Bible study


International students who have been hosted


International students who attended our English language classes/groups


International students who attended the Philip Project Course


International students who have made a faith commitment

Ministry Stats


Friends International Staff and Admin workers


Affiliates on our Affiliate Scheme


Cities with ministry to international students​

1 +

Number of volunteers active in the ministry


Number of churches we work with in ministry


In the last 12 months, we have gained:

New Friends International Affiliates
New Friends International Staff
New Centres
New Books Published

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