International Student Mission Housing Trust

We are a UK charity providing affordable housing to mission workers who are supporting international students, and sharing the Christian message with them.

The International Student Mission Housing Trust aims to not only make housing financially viable, but also suitable for the vital ministry of hospitality to students. The Trust is managed by unpaid Trustees, and has a close affiliation with Friends International. Find out more about Friends International.

Canterbury Housing Initiative

A new initiative has been launched with the hope of raising funds for the specific housing needs in Canterbury. You can find out more by viewing the Canterbury Housing Initiative Factsheet. Below is a story from the project.

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January 2020

It was Autumn 2017 when the idea of finding a house in Canterbury for Friends International was first discussed. In the Spring of 2018 we launched our project in Canterbury as we trusted that the Lord would guide us and provide the resources to make it a reality. Gavin and I moved into the house in January 2020 and we have already been able to host some former students and visiting staff.

We are thankful for the many brothers and sisters in Christ who have contributed to this project and made it possible for us to move into the property. Similarly, we are thankful for God’s provision to us as this house is based in the student area and is equal walking distance to the two biggest universities. It will also enable us to have an office space and to be able to provide hospitality for new and old students.

Additionally, Gavin and I are grateful for all the support from Friends International and the trustees of The International Student Mission Housing Trust, who helped and guided us through the whole process. Above all, we look forward to using this house for God’s glory through providing hospitality, blessing visiting staff and volunteers, and ministering to international students here for many years to come.”

Baiba and Gavin


July 2017

My wife and I are so grateful to the many people who have been part of this project and enabled us to move into Pearl Close. It seems a long time ago when the idea of finding a house in Cambridge for Friends International was first discussed and yet we have seen the Lord provide in numerous ways over the last year. We are grateful ultimately to God for providing for us.

Our family moved into the house on Tuesday this week (July 18th) and it has only confirmed what we and others had hoped and prayed for; we can already imagine numerous ways in which the location and character of this house can be used for family life and ministry. Becky and I are grateful to be stewards of this house and very much hope it will be used by many others in years to come, and seen as a place of hospitality for those who pass through it.”

Josh, Becky and Hosanna

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Ways to Give

We are seeking Christians, who support world mission and outreach to international students, to partner with us in our strategic objectives, by offering funds in one of the following ways:

  • Direct charitable donation, with or without Gift Aid.
  • Interest-free loans of £5,000 or greater over 3, 5 or 7+ years.
  • Equity loans of £5,000 or greater for a minimum of 3 years (loan value tied to the market value of the house)
  • Legacy gifts of whole or part of properties.
Giving from the USA
We have partnered with Trustbridge Global to allow donors from the US to give tax efficiently. Please click the button below to find out more.

Useful Forms

For more information about giving please contact Alan Tower: [email protected]

Trust Constitution

Our Trust Constitution is an important document that defines what the Trust is for and how it operates. It was submitted to the Charities Commission as part of our application.

Here are the key points:

  • The Trust exists primarily to assist in providing affordable housing for Friends International staff, but theoretically could also be used for other mission personnel, with a particular focus on international student outreach
  • There will be up to six Trustees, who will not have a financial interest in the Trust (An FI Director, local representative from Cambridge, and suitably qualified others)
  • It is a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ (Charity No. 1172542), which is the recommended legal entity for modern Trusts
  • There are lengthy legal safeguards in the document to ensure propriety, legality, and the fulfilment of the aims of the Trust

 The Trustees for the International Student Mission Housing Trust are:

  • Alan Tower
  • Robert Felix
  • Ian Sanderson
  • Lilli Jones
  • Richard Barrett

The International Student Mission Housing Trust (ISMHT) is a Registered Charity. 

Charity No. 1172542