Ministry Impact: Making a Difference to the Lives of International Students

Impact Report 2020

The Year in Numbers

We have connected with over 10,000 international students this year! This statistic and others show just a glimpse of what is happening across the country, while demonstrating the significant impact the ministry is having transforming the lives of international students.

An exciting development is the rise in students participating in Bible studies – a rise of 25% from the previous 12 months. With more international student Bible studies, more students are encountering the the Christian faith. We thank God that this year 68 students made a commitment of faith.

Unsurprisingly, due to Covid-19, we have been in contact with fewer international students than last year. However, during lockdown, we connected with an additional 1,000 students on Zoom.

Another quirk of lockdown has meant that we have connected with far more returnees. This means we have been in touch with more international students who have returned home in years gone by. Lockdown has caused a greater desire to reconnect from across the globe.

Ministry Impact - Academic Year 2019-20

International Students Connected with Friends International
10,00 0
International Students who attended our English language groups
51 0
International Students who attended the Philip Project Course
International Students who attended a Bible Study
1,30 0
International Students who have been hosted
73 0
International Students who have made a faith commitment
Donate and Change Student Lives

Looking Forward

At the start of this new academic year, we are as committed as ever to growing friendship and faith with international students. Our ‘Vision for Growth’ – which you can read more about here – is to see the work expand into an additional nine locations and strengthen six other locations with extra staff. 

Please join us in praying for this growth and consider making a financial gift to help make this vision a reality. You can do this by clicking the button below.

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