A New Book Answering Questions International Students Ask

Is Christianity a Western Religion?
And other questions international students ask.

We all have questions about life, faith and truth. Yet, for those who are abroad in a foreign culture, among people of different values, these questions become louder.

Many international students in the UK and Ireland have a limited understanding of the Christian faith yet are intrigued to know more as they spend time here – in a country with a rich Christian history.

So, Friends International is delighted to present a new book, which answers these very questions.

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What is it about?

We asked the author, Peter Teagle, what the book was about:

“The book is inspired by the different questions which students have asked me over the last 20 years of events speaking. it is split into 20 different questions which are commonly asked by international students. Each chapter addresses a different question and provides a succinct and helpful answer.

I have written the book for any international student who would like to find out more about what Christians believe or who have questions about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. It is intended more for those who are not from a Western cultural background – but of course anyone is welcome to read it!”

Sneak Peek

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Which Questions are Answered?

The top 20 most commonly asked questions about Christianity – from international students – are all addressed in this book. 

Here is a full list of all 20 questions answered:

  1. Who is Jesus Christ?
  2. Why do I need to follow Jesus (isn’t being a good person enough)?
  3. What do Christians do?
  4. Why do Christians always want to tell people about Jesus?
  5. Is Christianity a Western religion?
  6. Is it possible to be a Christian and stay faithful to my culture?
  7. What is the Bible and how can I understand it?
  8. Does God really speak to and guide people today?
  9. Are the miracles in the Bible real?
  10. Why does a God of love allow suffering?
  11. What about other religions?
  12. What about people who have never heard about Jesus?
  13. What if my parents are against my interest in Christianity?
  14. Will following Jesus mean that people will treat you badly?
  15. What is the Trinity / How can Jesus be God?
  16. Do Christians believe other gods exist?
  17. Why are there so many different ‘types’ of Christianity?
  18. Can some kinds of religious devotion be dangerous?
  19. Does being a Christian mean I cannot honour my ancestors?
  20. Is Christianity compatible with science?

Who is Peter Teagle?

Peter Teagle is currently the Head of Events Speaking at Friends International. He has been with the organisation since 2001 and is based in Oxford. Over the years he has spent many years working closely with international students, speaking at events and answering students’ questions. He is married to Lynette, and they have three young adult children.

"Over the past decade or more, I have travelled to different university centres to give talks to groups of international students about Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Christian faith. For me, one of the best parts of my work is not only that I get to talk to many people about my deepest and greatest love, Jesus Christ, but I also get to meet and hear the questions that international students have about Him."

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'Is Christianity a Western Religion?' can now be ordered from our shop.
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What Have Others Have Said...

“I heartily and enthusiastically commend this book to all those who resonate with the questions herein, and are looking for a wise, respectful and not-overly-complicated treatment of them.”

“I very much recommend this excellent book which will be immensely helpful to any international student who is seeking the truth, as well as a useful resource for those seeking to share their faith cross-culturally.”

“Here is an excellent introduction to the Christian faith in clear, uncomplicated non-jargonized language written for anyone who is intrigued, curious or indeed searching for a faith which provides meaning, values, forgiveness, unconditional love, freedom and hope in a needy world. Read ...and enjoy!”

"This book answers questions asked by sincere young adults seeking to better understand the complexities of life from the Christian perspective. These questions probe some of the profoundest mysteries , and are a great credit to those who ask them."

"It's such a good read! It's so clear and so concise. It was answering these questions that I didn't even know I had, and just made me more curious to know the answers."

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