Visa Course (Course Manual)


Visa Course (Course Manual)

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An opportunity for international students to find out about the Christian faith.

The Visa Course is a 10 week course that introduces Christianity in simple English. It navigates culturally sensitive issues and difficult words to open up the Bible and Jesus to internationals whose first language is not English. It covers the very basics, including: who is Jesus, why did he die, why read the Bible and what is a Christian.

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Published: 2014
Publisher: Friends International
Pages: 72 (paperback)

A visa gives us entry. It allows us to go into a country, to look around, to observe the culture and the way people do things. It gives us an opportunity to find out for ourselves about the place we are visiting.

The Visa Course is written to help international students understand the Christian faith and what Christians believe. Through the Pre-tasks, Talks and Group Times each week, you will have the opportunity to listen, to discuss and to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere. When we visit a country we don’t understand everything immediately. It takes time. It can also take time to understand the Christian faith, but it is a great adventure!

The Visa Course 10 week Schedule:

  1. How do we know there is a God?
  2. God is good. So, what’s wrong with the world?
  3. Who is Jesus?
  4. Why did Jesus die?
  5. Did Jesus come alive again?
  6. What is a Christian?
  7. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  8. Why do we read the Bible?
  9. What does it mean to live as a Christian?
  10. What could it mean to follow Jesus?