Success Stories: An Ongoing Journey

An Ongoing Journey...

Antoine, Centre Team Leader for Dorset shares an encouraging story of one student who is journeying their faith at this time.

L is from Hong Kong, although he attended a Catholic school back home, he never gave Christianity much thought. After coming to Bournemouth, L was very interested in making friends and find a community. He joined our cafe, enjoyed time with friends and volunteers.

He would join church once in a while but again, never really considered learning more about Jesus. However, last year, he began joining our Bible studies and started asking good questions. While having a coffee with him, I asked ‘are you learning about Christianity

because you are interested or just as back pocket knowledge?’ he replied ‘back pocket knowledge.’ And yet, he came to Word Alive 2023 and really enjoyed it; he bought a study Bible and asked for weekly Bible studies. He joined the ‘Jesus through Asian eyes’ group and is really close to following Jesus.

His biggest fear? ‘What will my parents think about it?’ Amazingly, in this same group is a Christian Indian student with a Sikh background who was able to share his own story.

God is truly at work in L’s life: attending cafe, social events, church, Word Alive and Bible studies. Combined these have led L to consider to follow Jesus wholeheartedly while his own family, though nominal, still practice ancestor worship.

Please of course, be praying for L…

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