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Finding Faith: Two Encouraging Stories

We are excited to share recent stories from our York centre and staff. Names have been changed for privacy reasons. Both individuals have a wonderful story of how they came to faith!
J* is a student from a place where it is difficult for him to meet Christians. He came to our International Café for the first-time last November and very quickly, became involved into the conversation about the Bible and Jesus with one of our volunteers. It turned out that he had read the Bible in his own language back home. Since he came to the UK, he has started to read the Bible in English although he was not a believer. J is not a regular at our International Café, but he loves coming to all the church-related events and our Bible study group. He always comes to read the Bible with us with his full attention and insightful questions. He was amazed at the fact that the whole Bible is about Jesus. Recently however, he confessed his faith in Jesus after we explained ‘what does it mean to be a follower of Jesus’. J’s story reminded me of the story of Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8. We praise God for His mighty power to draw people to him.
R* is from Japan. We first got to know him through our Bonfire Night event. An international student who was already regular in our Bible study group invited him to the group. Since then, he has become a regular, despite the distance between his home and the Bible study group. He also comes to our International Café and other events regularly. However, after we ran our Alpha course, he disappeared. The Bible study group kept praying for him. To our surprise, when he showed up at our International Café after a few weeks – He joyfully shared with us that he had decided to follow Jesus!
Do pray for these two individuals as they continue to grow their new found faith…

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