Summer Teams Update


We give thanks for the opportunities to meet students who may only be in the UK for a few weeks, that we could welcome them and share the good news about Jesus with them. The fruit may be a while coming and we may never hear if we were able to make a lasting impression, but the enthusiasm and commitment of the teams was infectious and the international students could not help being affected by the love and warmth shown to them.


Two weeks of activity kept the group of Irish, Swedish, Chinese, American, English and Peruvian team members busy. Over the two weeks we met 65 international students. As well as the opportunity to meet other international students and enjoy great food, the students were invited to consider the Christian faith. Two young people signed up for a local Bible study group and others went away with gospels to read.


The team was able to welcome around 50 international students each day. The students were keen to talk about faith and many stayed on ‘after hours’ for Bible discussions. Deep meaningful conversations were plentiful, including an Islamic scholar who was keen to explore the differences between Islam and Christianity. The final night pizza party attracted 100 guests, and the message of the Prodigal Son resonated with its themes of counter-cultural love and forgiveness.

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