Success Stories: From China to Abu Dhabi to find Christ

"From China to Abu Dhabi to find Christ"

It is a real joy to be able to share this success story with you below! This example comes from our Friends International Centre in Leicester – Thank you to our wonderful staff for passing on such an encouraging story we hope you will also feel inspired by:
On a recent Sunday in March 2023 a young Chinese lady was baptised in the sea on a beach in Abu Dhabi. The story however began in Leicester during 2014.
W comes from mainland China and had no previous contacts with any Christian believers. In July 2014 she arrived in Leicester, along with many other Chinese nationals, to commence an English language course before starting her Masters studies. International students attending these courses are invited to Talkabout, which is run by Friends International with the aim of befriending students and helping them to practice their English and learn about British culture.
W attended these evenings and went on to Join in with Globe Café when the University term started. During her time in Leicester, W made several good friends amongst the Globe Café team, attended Bible studies and many church services. She even helped at some children’s midweek events and our Easter Holiday Bible club, hearing the Bible teaching that was given to the youngsters.
The friendship given included many visits to our homes and some of us were able to offer her accommodation for a few weeks at the end of her time in Leicester. At the end of her studies W returned home to China. She was still an unbeliever, although she did say that she would think about Christianity later but wasn’t ready yet. As time went by, W kept telling us of Christians she had met in China, whether at work, at leisure activities, her first landlady, or a group she came across who were doing a Bible study in a café! Through some church contacts we were able to put her in touch with a Christian British young couple who were doing voluntary work in her city. It was evident that God had a plan for her life and all these were part of the process.
We have been able to visit her in China on three occasions, staying with her family, going away together for a few days and meeting up at a friend’s wedding.
In May 2022 W moved to Abu Dhabi to start a new job. She found that being away from friends and family she had more time on her hands to think about what she wants from life.
In November 22 she told us that she had started listening to Bible messages that a friend in China was sending to her and she wanted to go to church “and let God lead me”. We offered to do Bible studies with her on Zoom, but only managed one before she told us that she had started to go regularly to a Chinese church in Abu Dhabi with a Christian work colleague. She was doing Bible studies with the Church too, and on February 13th this year she made a decision for Christ. Within a few days she had already told some family members and non-christian friends in China about her conversion.
We praise God for her salvation, and thank Him that the first seeds in this journey were sown 7-8 years ago through Globe Café and Friends International in Leicester…

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