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What is World Alive Plus?

How did it all begin? How did we get here? What is life all about? What are we here for?
Cultures around the world have been asking these questions for thousands of years, and although science has done much to explain how the universe came to be like it is, it does nothing to explain why.
The Bible’s account of human beginnings in Genesis 1-3 is not just a set of ancient stories. In fact, as we will see together, the first 3 chapters of the Bible give us key truths about who God is, who we are in relationship with Him, and what this world is all about, showing us that no matter which country, culture or race we are from, we have a common ancestry, a shared origin and purpose, created by the same, One God over the whole universe. Most important of all, we will look at how the account in Genesis 1-3 explains why Jesus came – and why He had to die and rise again.

Join us for these 4 online sessions (20min talk followed by 25min Q&A):
1. Myth, Mystery or History? (introduction and overview)
2. The Creator and His Creation (God and the world)
3. Perfection and the Purpose of People (human beings)
4. Damage, Destruction and Death (why Jesus had to come)

Speaker: Peter Teagle
After training for Christian ministry in Singapore, Peter and his wife, Lynette, have worked with Friends International for 21 years. They live in Oxford and have three grown children, and although Peter is British, he enjoys being part of an extended Chinese family. In his spare time he enjoys making dollhouses for children.

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