We Stand United Against Racism

We Stand United Against Racism

Racism is unacceptable.

Like many people, we have been shocked by the recent brutal killing of George Floyd. In the context of concerns about current and historical racism, we want to be clear about what we believe and how we operate.

At Friends International we seek to offer friendship and faith to international students regardless of their colour, race or nationality, without being limited by prejudice in any shape or form. We practise giving generous respect to all cultures and we aim for cross-cultural sensitivity at all points.

We believe we are at our best only when we embrace people of all backgrounds and contexts to work together for a better future, and pledge to stand alongside those, especially churches, who seek to campaign and eliminate racism from our society.

We believe every person irrespective of race, colour, age, gender and culture, is created equally by God in His image.

Our staff, volunteers and supporters work together to seek a future where international students from all nations are welcomed, supported and equipped to play a role in God’s worldwide Church.

Friends International, June 2020

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