Life Leadership Certification Requirements

The Life Leadership Programme awards all students who participate in some or all of our programme elements. Here are our three certification levels:

Bronze Level Certificate

The bronze certificate will be awarded to students who have partially completed the Life Leadership course.

Requirement: Students must attend at least three teaching classes and three coaching sessions.

Silver Level Certificate

There are two paths to achieving Life Leadership Silver Certificate:

  • Attend the Life Leadership Weekend Away, or
  • Complete the full Life Leadership course

NOTE: Students who have been unable to attend all teaching classes and coaching sessions may still be eligible for this award if they can demonstrate to their course leader an understanding of the material in the classes that they missed. This might involve an informal interview or a brief written reflection.

Students who have not managed to attend at least 8 out of the total combination of teaching classes and coaching sessions will not be considered.

Gold Level Certificate

All students who complete both the Life Leadership Weekend Away and the full Life Leadership course will be awarded the Life Leadership Gold Level Certificate.

The Friends International Life Leadership Programme is accredited by the Institute of Leadership (TIL). TIL are the “leaders in leadership”, combining years of research, knowledge and innovation to champion the leadership agenda for all. Participation in the Friends International Life Leadership programme is a recognised pathway to individual membership with TIL.