Heading Home with Jesus

Heading Home with Jesus


Preparing Chinese Students to Follow Christ in China

Thousands of Chinese students visit our churches and join Christian activities. Many even say they have become Christians while abroad. Some go on to make great contributions to Chinese church and society. Sadly, however, many fall away after they return to China. Debbie Philip has visited hundreds of returnees. She offers a new perspective for understanding what happens when Chinese students encounter Christians abroad and what needs to happen if they are to continue following Christ after returning home. The life stories, illustrations, and suggestions in this book will help you understand and support Chinese returnees better as they prepare to go home.

Published: 2018
Publisher: William Carey Library
Author: Debbie D. Philip (PhD)
Pages: 176 (paperback)

“The stories from Dr. Philip’s research shed light on the important issues and concerns that International Student Ministry (ISM) workers need to know and address in order to provide the best assistance to returning Chinese graduates and scholars. By painting the historical and cultural contexts that the students are coming from and returning to, readers have a fuller appreciation of the specific challenges Chinese returnees face.” – Lisa Espineli Chinn, MA former national director of International Student Ministry Dept., InterVarsity/USA

“More and more students go abroad for their studies, giving us amazing opportunities to reach them with the gospel. Many Chinese students are open to connect with local Christians. Some of them come to faith in Christ. But how can we help them when they return to their home country which is so different? Debbie has done extensive research in this field and written a helpful and practical book.” – Francina de Pater, PhD IFES International Student Ministry coordinator for Netherlands and Europe

“Philip’s in-depth interviews with returnees richly illustrate the challenges that Chinese returnees face. She provides cogent analysis of those interviews, as well as very practical suggestions to help Chinese return home well. This book will enable the reader to reach Chinese international students with the greater goal in mind: to see Chinese returnees successfully transplanted back to China, thriving in their faith and serving the Chinese church.” – Benjamin Stevens cross-cultural worker, East Asia