International Students and the Local Church: A Handbook (Digital Download)

International Students and the Local Church: A Handbook (Digital Download)


This new handbook from Friends International brings together in one compact volume an easy to read guide for churches wishing to engage with international students.

Drawn from decades of experience, this new resource is written with church leaders and student ministry leaders in mind. It contains both Biblical principles and practical guidelines covering the key topics most will want to know about.

Published: 2020
Publisher: Friends International
Pages: 149
File Type: PDF (0.8mb)

“This handbook contains clear biblical principles, practical guidelines and helpful hints – answering most of the questions your church leaders are likely to have ever asked about international student ministry and many they have never thought about. The author’s continual focus on building friendships rather than just programmes, learning to ask questions, learning to listen, understanding that each individual has a unique background should be applied to all our relationships.”
Cassells Morrell, IFES Europe Associate Regional Secretary (2001-2018)

“This handbook ought to be read by the leaders of churches engaging in international student ministry, and will be an invaluable training resource for teams working amongst international students. The short readable chapters cover biblical principles for evangelism and cross-cultural mission, and provide a wealth of practical advice. It is packed with encouraging stories and testimonies that will inspire and encourage, together with useful suggestions for further reading.”
John Stevens, National Director, FIEC

“Catherine presents a clear biblical vision for reaching the world on our doorstep, a solid framework to build on and plenty of suggestions and stories to inspire us to action.”
Natasha Rayan, World Mission Minister, All Souls Langham Place